Niets meer aan doen - 2005 - De Harmonie - buy


  • "There still comes filth off your charisma, isn't it ?"

  • The couturier found his divine inspiration always 'close to himself'.

  • "That's going to be fuck."

  • Cunt World
    (cunt weather, cunt tree, cunt dog, cunt cat, cunt mood, cunt color, cunt bike, cunt side walk, cunt drawing)

  • "...And off course a big advance comparing to his round brother, you can stick him, without too much ado, nicely up your ass."

  • "yes, know perfectly well what we discussed in detail yesterday..."

  • "WHA HA HA HA HA ! EX-CE-LENT !!! "

  • That morning, the machines got a laughter attack of Maartens new tie.

  • Suddenly he turns around and swims back. He forgot something, that much is clear.