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'Visual columns' and cartoons, softcover, 160 pages

  • Emoji's Offline

  • Identical plants. Same spot, same care and same age.

    One seems 'high sensitive'

  • "There they go... 40 Billions microbes....With their tiny-tiny-tiny little feet..."

  • Action Men

    Yo-yo Man, Winter tire Man, Man Man, Food Man, Care Man, Trend forecast Man & Woman Man

  • Bathroommirror with filters

  • Detour signs with texts of Lao Tze

    Wander into the Google Art Project

  • Coloringbook

    Spring ("color dirty")

    Divorce ("color nice and tear into half")

  • What the man wants

  • Maps

  • On the beach of Rataques bathers lying nicely on color

    "Tomorrow we'll do whatever you want"

  • -"Do you ever feel lonely?"

    -"No. 'Alone', but never 'lonely.'"

    -"I have the exact opposite."

    -"Funny. So not relatable."

  • Black Pete solutions

  • -"Daddy....Whèèèh..."

    -"Oh darling..."

    -"I, I...falled down...! Whèèèh..."


  • "Honey, go to your room and masturbate!

    Perks me up always!"

  • "Darling, I'll wander!"

    "Allright honey, don't be late for dinner!"